NSR Classic

Overall aim is cheap simple racing with minimally modified cars (keep things cheap, fair and even).
Rules are identical to NSR Classic held in Nelson.

Includes NSR Ford MK IV (all versions), Porsche 917K (all versions), P68 Alan Mann and Ford GT MK II (all versions).

 Standard NSR chassis (black) only.
 Original chassis screws loosened freely to allow chassis-body movement.
 Chassis screws may be glued to aid screw retention.
 NSR spring suspension kits may be used.
 Pod may be taped to chassis to reduce movement.
 Axle brushes may be glued to pod.
 No wheel spacers.
 Standard 20K Shark motor must be used.
 Motor may be glued to pod.
 Standard gears only (Gear 32T, Pinion 11T).
 Front and Rear tires may be glued and trued.
Coating of front wheels to reduce friction in corners.
 Freely added but must be within car (unable to be touched during scruntineering).
 Minimum weight 80g.
 Free choice NSR guide.
Front Ride Height
 Front ride height/ground clearance freely adjusted with original hex screws.
 White kits are allowed but must be painted and look period correct.
 Must have full NSR interior.

No other modifications (non NSR parts) and/or tweaks are permitted.